Greater Vancouver Cup

I started playing disc golf in 2020 and have dreamt of having a local series where locals compete at the courses in the area, with an end of the series event where the local champions are crowned. After a year and a half of hosting events and planning, 2023 will be the first Greater Vancouver Cup (GVC)! 

Players will compete in events and earn points throughout the year. The 5 events that yield the player the most points will count towards your series total. There will be a 2 day series finale which will earn points at a higher rate. The winner of the GVC will be based on points, not on the final event, however winning the finale event will be an advantage. 

As late July 2022, the points system is still being finalized. The point system is listed below and will change prior to the beginning of the series. 

  • Players are awarded 10 base points per event they compete in.
  • For each player you beat, you earn 2 points.
  • For each division, 1st will get an addition 10 points; 2nd will get an additional 6 points; 3rd will get an additional 3 points.
  • B tier and Series Finale event(s) will earn points with a 1.5 multiplier; C tier events will earn points with a 1.0 multiplier; XC/Unsanctioned events will earn points at a 0.75 multiplier.

Division payout depth is still being determined.

For each event a $5 series fee will be applied. 80% of the series fee will be applied towards the division payout. 20% will be applied towards overhead for the series (which includes but is not limited to series player packs, trophies, course fees, logo design, banners, signs, photographers, and more). 

If a tie occurs in points after the finale event, the winner will be the player who appears at the finale event. If both players are present, it will be broken by the number of GVC events played (if both players had 150 points, and one played 5 events and the other played 7, the player who played 7 events will win). If both players have the same number of points, both played in the finale event, it will then be broken by whoever has the higher average points per event. 

Rules may change at any time to ensure the integrity of the series. I reserve the right to DQ any player from this series for any reason. Winners will need to complete an I-9 form prior to receiving the pot if the amount is over a certain threshold (determine by an accountant for tax purposes). I reserve the right to end the series at any point and issue winners their respective winnings. 


Change Log

1/16/2023 - Added a stipulation that I can end the series at any time and issue the winners their respective winnings.