This site is constantly be adjusted and tweaked to create the best customer experience possible. Changes can happen at any time, but below is my current policies  

Shipping: I know what it’s like to order a disc and wait a few days to hear any update. I make every attempt to ship products out as soon as possible, but there are times that products can sit for a couple of days before they make it to the post. Currently all discs go out in a padded mailer. Single discs receive a backer whereas multiple discs do not. As I get started in this, please share your feedback as that is what I use to made adjustments. 

Refunds: If the product is something that I have in stock and I have not shipped it yet, a refund should be expected minus funds that I can not recoup. If a product has to be ordered (such as a bag), and it’s already been ordered, there will be a restocking fee. This will depend on the order, but it will likely be around 25% of the retail price. ($200 bag, you should expect to get $150 back). This is a fluid policy and I’m reasonable as long as we have a conversation about it.